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I am fairly new to LabView and need help.

I have a problem. I would like to communicate with the DS28E17 via 1-Wire, which converts the communication to I2C. Among other things, I would like to read out the voltage.I have tried it both via the DS9490R and via RS232. The TMEX library looks promising, but I can't find a datasheet for this either. In addition, I'm using LabView 2009, which doesn't make it much easier.

I don't really have a first setup. Perhaps one of you has already dealt with this and could help me

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It should be a test of the DS28E17 and should be a 1-wire to I2C because I have no space on the board for I2C. I would like to be able to read out the whole thing via the PC, therefore RS232 or the DS9490R

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RS232 has relatively high signal levels (+-9V) that would fry the DS28E17. You want a 1-Wire capable MCU or a USB adapter. It can be done with an Arduino.

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The structure should be as follows:

- PC talks via the DS9490R or RS232 to the DS28E17
- the latter transmits the 1-wire commands to the DS28E17
- The DS28E17 converts the commands into I2C and sends them to my test object
- which in turn sends back the volts to be measured
- the DS28E17 stores this in its internal memory
- The memory with the value is read out via PC and adapter

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