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How to use GetProperty and SetProperty of generic Classes?

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I whould like to read out generic Propertys like Name or Label.Text. I found out that the Property Editor from LabVIEw uses this Functions "GetProperty" and "SetProperty".

But this functions does'nt take the Name of the Property but want a Index :wacko: anyone know where I can get a table about all indexes for the propertys? I allready found the table, the propertyeditor uses, but it only contains property indexes i'm not very interessted in.

(See LabVIEW 7.1\resource\PropertyPages\ControlPropertyPages.llb\subPPBuildTable.vi)

Thankfull for any Help :worship:

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I whould like to read out generic Propertys like Name or Label.Text.

To get properties of a control or indicator. right click on the terminal and create property node or

create a reference and wire a property node to it.


To set the properties right click on the node and select "Change All to Write"


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Using the method described in this thread gives a lot of good info!! (thanks metin :thumbup: ) It seems, however, to just be limited to properties that the Property Pages update.

Has there been any luck in finding the property indices of properties not updated by any Property Pages? Properties like position and size....


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