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LabVIW .exe on WinCE


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Dear all,

I have developed an application and made a .exe (LV - 7.1 PDS)+ installer, the OS is Win XP. I have an ARM processor with WinCE OS running on it. Will my LabVIEW application run on it. Can I install the runtime engine in first case??? :blink:

A normal LabVIEW application definitly and for sure will NOT run on an ARM Win CE system. LabVIEW is a compiler and creates machine code for the target CPU, for normal LabVIEW for Windows this is the i386 machine code. The ARM processor doesn't know what to do with those opcodes and Windows CE accordingly will refuse to load and start that executable. Theoretically the LabVIEW PDA mopdule for Pocket PC could support Windows CE, as Pocket PC is a newer version of Windows CE, but I have my doubts about if that really will work as there are differences between Pocket PC and Windows CE too.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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