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Please tell me that this is possible!


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If all the VIs have the same name, you can close everything, rename your new VI to the same name, open the new VI and then open the top-level VI. Since LV (at least versions 7 and lower) can only hold one VI of a given name at any point, it will take the VI you already loaded instead of the original VI.

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I had to swap out an AC source in a test rack. My program has 240 separate calls to this device. Is there a batch method to 'replace all' with the new instrument driver? I know that I can right click and replace each instance but I was hoping there was a quick and easy way to do it.


Your post is somewhat unclear about whether you are using a low level library or code interface node, or whether you are using a VI (which possibly encapsulates the low level call). Your best bet (if you aren't already using a single VI for the call), is to replace the low-level calls with a single (possibly reentrant) VI. That will let you perform driver swaps very easily as already noted.

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As a variant of yen's solution would be to:

1. Open your app, open the different "old" instrument-vi's and rename them according to the vi-names of the new driver. while renaming each call to the instument-vi's is relinked to the new vi, so you have to touch every instrument-vi only once not as many times as it is called.

2. Then save the whole (main-vi and all sub-vi's).

3. Move (not copy) the old instrument driver to a save place (not in "National Instruments" or your app folder-tree).

4. Put the new instrument driver into the "National Instruments\instr.lib" folder.

5. Reload your app. There might be a message-window, telling you this and that vi was loaded from a different location. Check if it's correkt.

6. Save your app. :thumbup:

7. Now it's save to copy your original (without the created vi's in step 1) "old" instrument-driver back to "instr.lib".

Take care that you do not miss any vi (might include typedefs, templates,...) otherwise you end up with mixed instrument-calls and broken sub-vi calls :wacko: . It might be a good thing to first copy the old and new instrument-vi's to a save place, in case something goes wrong or you missed something.

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