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Remote Panel on a PDA

John Lokanis

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No. RFPs use ActiveX and the RTE to allow you to interact with the VI. At the moment, there is no seperate RTE for the PDA module and I believe there is limited support for ActiveX on PocketPC. There is a document on NI's site explaining this (and I think it also appears in the help). It may be possible to view RFPs through a browser, since I believe that's just publishing them as an image.

Another option is to connect remotely to the computer through something like windows' terminal services client or VNC, which will give you real control.

You can simulate an RFP by using the get panel image and windows' PostMessage or MouseEvent functions on the PC side and by using a picture control and the mouse down event on the PDA side and transferring the picture and the clicks back and forth, but you should be warned that this is very bandwidth hungry (no compression) and a bit of a CPU pig for the PDA and will not work fast.

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Can the LV PDA toolkit create a VI that can display and interact with a remote panel from a standard (desktop) installation of LV?


First of all: You have been warned (from me!)

(I am one of these unlucky creatures, who has to work with the PDA Module, and because, I am the dumbest brick of all, I thought it would be easy to developed a bigger client/server application and now I have to debug & fix it.)

the PDA Module can create VIs, which run on a PDA. If you need interaction with a VI, running on your PC, you will need some networking e.g. Bluetooth or TCP/IP and you have to code that on your own. Luckly there is a PC + PDA TCP/IP Demo in the example finder, which shows you how it works and helps you to avoid the common pitfalls (e.g. CR/LF-Mode crashes the PDA-VI ...). I have no experience with the new shared variables on a PDA, I tried to create one (it was my first ever ...) but it "failed valiadion", whatever that means ...

If you think about the LabVIEW Remote Panel functionality, i give Yen a 100% ACK ...

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