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How to change each gradient on a "gradient fill" slider


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I found an example named "Example-Alarm Slide Control" from LV8.

I've gone over this example and the "Example-Slide Fill Color" example, which are very good at explaining how to change the fill color based on an input value. Searching around though I haven't yet found an example of how to change each gradient on a "gradient fill" slider to make a multi-colored slider. Something like this:


...where the colors would stay constant as the slider moved up and down exposing blue/green/red indicators, similar to how a real meter with individual LED indicators would appear on a dashboard.

I have a feeling I'm going to be developing some sort of boolean cluster with three arrays and a numeric (for the digital display) in it, but is there a simpler/better way of doing this with a slide?

Thanks for any input,

Joe (orko)

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How about something like this that takes advantage of multiple sliders?

Ask and ye shall receive


Now that's what I call "slick"! I was trying to get multiple sliders to work (I had a much more complicated solution in mind), but the thought of comparing the individual sliders to a set "maximum" from a cluster constant, and outputing the "minimum" of the two was what I was missing. This concept will come in handy elsewhere...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! My eyes are open now. :worship:

Joe (orko)

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