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Arcade section is not written in LabVIEW?!?

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I went to the Arcade section expecting to see some LabVIEW games but they seem to all be flash games. Is there a place or post (could be this one?) that has some examples. If not, I could start it off.

Created in LV 5.1 back in 2001.

(converted and worked correctly in 7.1.1)

Start Edit (Copied from Readme.txt)


Improvements could be made to these VIs to make this into a game but I was more concerned about the concept. Once I proved to myself it could be done, I got bored and moved on.


When the game starts you must select a *.pac file to load the level. Use the number keypad to control up, down, left, right (8, 5, 4, 6) respectively. Inside "pac man.llb" is "board editor.vi" to create a simple level.

End Edit


Download File:post-2152-1144889543.zip

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not bad at all. I ran it in LV 8 and it did okay. A few mods need to be done to finish it, but actually not that much.

There are several games available in LabVIEW versions, tetris, Laser Invasion, Pong, Game of Life, etc. If you search on DevZone and the SearchVIEW (of the InfoLabVIEW) and Find-All-VIs projects you can find a lot of them. Or just google Labview and game(s).

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Nice. I've always found that a lot of my ideas (architecture- or structure-wise) start out from thinking about "How would I do such-and-such if I was developing a game?".

A couple of months ago I hacked together a little self-training program to prepare myself for an appearance on a TV game show. In LabVIEW, of course. I've been thinking I need to clean it up (hardcoded filepaths :nono:) and post it here.

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Is it a game show any of us have heard of before?


Maybe. It's Lingo, on GSN (Game Show Network). If you've got digital cable (or satellite) you're fairly likely to have it. In the Bay Area it's even on regular cable. I won a trip out to LA to be on a taping, after qualifying playing it online. It was an awesome experience.

The episode airs late next month. Like I said, I'll probably try to shop up the trainer program and post it here, and I'll include show details when I do :D .

(I suppose this thread is officially hijacked now :unsure: )

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