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  1. I'm pleased to donate, on behalf of myself, a $50 Gift Certificate to ThinkGeek.com. After all the BBQ has given me, the least I can do is give a little something back . What will you buy with it? Maybe you're feeling classy. Or retro. Or snuggly. Or you know what? Who even cares. You'll find something.
  2. If you only knew the "gestures" I've made at my computer over the last 5 years dealing with this issue . OK, so upon applying this fix to my work VM this morning, I found a new wrinkle. The basic cause & steps to fix are the same, but the starting configuration has a minor difference. This is with a brand new Parallels VM created from scratch with Windows 8.1 a couple weeks ago. I installed LabVIEW 2014 and a couple other applications, but it's basically a "clean" VM. I'm posting this since I imagine there will be other people stumbling through here over the months/years with bran
  3. For future reference, and perhaps a different way to fix this at the root cause, without monkeying with Windows settings, this Parallels support forum post recommends the following: (copied from the post in case it disappears some day, cleaned up for readability) Shut down your Windows virtual machine. From Parallels Desktop menu go to Window -> Virtual Machines List -> right-click on your virtual machine -> select 'Show in Finder' (note this applies to Parallels 8; other Parallels versions have different menus/windows) Right-click on the .pvm file for your virtual machine ->
  4. First of all... Jonas, you da man. Thank you very very much. This is such a huge help, and I've waited a long, long time for it. Jack's HOWTO didn't work for me (under Windows 8.1) because I oddly don't seem to have the "Keyboards and Languages" tab he mentions. I Googled around quite a bit trying to figure out how to get it to show up, but to no avail. However, I was still able to fix the problem via basically the same steps along a different route. Maybe this will be helpful to someone.... Step 1. Open the Control Panel and select "Change input methods". Step 2. You should see
  5. And the beat goes on. I have now experienced this problem ("Ctrl+Shift keyboard shortcuts don't work in LabVIEW") twice on completely different Parallels 10 VMs... (1) I have a years-old Windows 7 64-bit VM that has never exhibited the problem, across multiple Parallels updates (probably since Parallels 7). The other day I upgraded it to Windows 8.1 64-bit (which required reinstalling all my apps) and when I reinstalled LabVIEW 2014 I discovered it was affected by The Problem. (Edit: Note that this VM did not exhibit The Problem in Parallels 10 at first – the issue appeared when I update
  6. Seeing everyone at the BBQ is one of the highlights of my year. Anybody got any limerick topic requests?
  7. Ah, how I love this issue. Since I keep getting mentioned (and since Eli is new to the problem) I'll summarize what I know. And Eli, if there's anything I can do to help work this inside NI, please ping me privately. I would be happy to help, and I've banged my head against this for quite some time. Like Jack said, I'm pretty sure this actually is LabVIEW's problem. That's based on a couple datapoints: LabVIEW is literally the only application this problem appears in. Additionally, the exact same shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+E, Ctrl+Shift+W, etc.) do work in other apps in the VMs. This
  8. JKI will provide two prizes this year: Prize #1: LabVIEW for Everyone, 3rd Edition, signed by Jim Kring Prize #2: An AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter that you control with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  9. Couldn't miss it if I tried!
  10. I'm sorry to hear you feel "disgusted." The idea of the Summit isn't to keep ideas bottled up; it's to create an environment for CLAs to really let loose so ideas can flourish, with the knowledge that no one will be daunted by technical complexity or lost due to lack of experience. We have to set the bar somewhere, and NI has chosen to set it at "must have CLA," which I think is a pretty reasonable choice. Hopefully those CLAs take what they learn and create, and go home and share that with their colleagues & customers. I know that when I've gone, the energy of having lots of people wh
  11. (cross-posted to the NI CLA Forum; you'll need to be a CLA to view that link) Do you care about software licensing? As evidenced by this exciting thread from last year, some of us (including me) obviously do . Here's the deal: I'm going to be leading a session at the CLA Summit Americas on Software Licensing. I want to make sure I have the areas of focus dialed in so that everyone gets useful information out of the hour we'll have together. Whether you're a CLA or not, and whether you're coming to the Summit or not, can you please post software licensing questions or concerns tha
  12. Interesting question, for sure. My take on it is this: By uploading the code in question to ni.com, you're unquestionably granting NI the rights defined in the ni.com ToS. That much is clear. But now someone else (not NI) comes along and downloads that code from ni.com. What rights does the downloader have? Going back to the ToS again, the "Use of Software" section seems to cover it pretty clearly: "Use of all software that you download from this Site ('Software') is subject to the license terms of the applicable software license agreement for such Software." So I think you're right -- you
  13. Doubly funny because it's filmed literally at the registration desk.
  14. I didn't comment on your CC example primarily because you didn't link to the full license and there are a lot of CC licenses. It appears to be CC0 1.0 Universal? This is, flatly, incorrect except in extreme cases. You are the author of the code, and you retain copyright over it. Whether any version you create is a derivative is immaterial because you, as the author and copyright holder, are not bound by the license under which other people use the work. The exception to this would be if you assigned the copyright on the code to someone else. But that's not a license, that's an assignment o
  15. That's only true if you chose a license that doesn't fit your future needs. I have released multiple pieces of software (not all in LabVIEW) over the years under various licenses (GPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT, proprietary), and I have never been put in a difficult position by any of them, even when commercial issues or dual licensing were involved. Right, but this is a huge distinction from saying "I relinquish all my software rights to you." Under the GPL, the author doesn't "relinquish" any rights -- they just grant additional rights to users beyond what typical "non-free" licenses do. This irrev
  16. I think you're mixing "I relinquish all my software rights to you" with "I grant you a license to use this software subject to these restrictions (or without restriction)." The first is a transfer of intellectual property rights, while the second is not. "Public Domain" is not a license. The author of a work can place a work in the public domain by choice, or works can enter the public domain subject to various criteria, which differ based on local laws. A work in the public domain does not require a license to use, precisely because it's in the public domain. If by "Non-Commercial" you're
  17. This is a common misconception about licensing. The author of a work remains the copyright holder to what they create no matter how they license it, and they retain the right to license their creations to other people under any other terms they want. This is exactly how MySQL licensing works. In other words, just because code is uploaded to LAVA under CC or BSD or GPL or whatever, that doesn't mean that NI can't work directly with the author of that code to get it under a license they're happier with. While I'm on the subject, I fully support this idea .
  18. I'm just dropping by to register my name on the small (but growing?) list of people who've seen the same problem as Jack. In my case, I had the following: Windows 7 64-bit VM (in Parallels 7) LV2011 I saw exactly the same symptoms Jack describes; they began to appear when I upgraded the VM from Parallels 6 to Parallels 7. In my case, I fought with it for about 2 full days then finally gave up and rolled back to Parallels 6 from a backup. Recently I was forced to upgrade to Parallels 7 (required for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion compatibility). This time, as if by magic or dumb luck, the probl
  19. As usual, a few people paid cash for the BBQ but inquired about how to get a receipt for the purchase. Perhaps you might consider pre-registering next year but in the meantime please feel free to use this completely official LAVA / OpenG NIWeek 2012 BBQ receipt!
  20. TICKET PRE-SALES ARE NOW CLOSED. There are still tickets remaining but you have to find me at the show to buy them. Finding Me: I will be around the JKI booth (#630) quite a lot, especially on Tuesday. You might also want to catch me after my presentation on Tuesday morning: (TS8244) Secret Sauce: Non-LabVIEW Tools to Make You a Better LabVIEW DeveloperTuesday, August 7 – 10:30-11:30 a.m. – Room 12B Paying Me: I'm going to try to take in-person purchases with credit cards this year but the system isn't well-tested so I can't guarantee anything. Cash is preferred . See you all very soon!
  21. Awesome! Thanks for the love. IMPORTANT TICKET BUYING UPDATE I will be shutting down online ticket presales on Sunday. If you don't buy your ticket by then, you will need to find me at the show (at JKI's Booth #630, or elsewhere) to get one. Please buy early if you can. At some point on Monday tickets will become limited. You don't want to be that guy who's chasing me around trying to get the last ticket, do you? DO YOU?!? No, you don't. In other news, this year's BBQ is shaping up to be a huge success! Check out this presales graph... (note the date is corrected so the lines match up ev
  22. JKI is pleased to add to the high geek factor pile: we're donating this shiny new Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Pssst... we're hiring. If you love LabVIEW and you're a CLD/CLA (or on your way there), you should definitely visit Booth #630. If you do it before the BBQ, I might even let you hold the box the Nexus 7 is in .
  23. --- UPDATE 2012-08-05: Ticket pre-sales are now closed. If you need to buy a ticket at NIWeek, this post has what you need to know. --- It's that time of year again! Are you coming to NIWeek 2012? Do you want to enjoy cold beers and hot mesquite BBQ with your friends from LAVA, OpenG, and the whole LabVIEW Community? Then come to the 2012 LAVA / OpenG NIWeek Bar-B-Q! Year after year we bring together all your best online (and real-life!) friends from LAVA (LabVIEW Advanced Virtual Architects), OpenG (home of LabVIEW's open source community), and even the leaders in NI LabVIE
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