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I was cleaning up my inline code and just by curiosity i was looking at the invoke node methods for sub VIs. What do i find ?

Yes, an inline method.

It has a "makespace" and the possibility to wrap the code in a sequence frame. I tested it, just replaced it with my inline tool, and - it works. I have not tested it thoroughly, so i do not know the requirements etc.

Well, at least there should be no problem to write a nice app that inlines VIs :thumbup:
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Now that you have found that, all you need is a VI that recursively in-lines all subVIs. You should be able to use the resulting sequence structure reference to traverse for subVIs. Want an easy way to traverse? Just use <LabVIEW 8.0\vi.lib\Utility\traverseref.llb\TRef Traverse for References.vi>.



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