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4. How to write a good LAVAcr readme.txt


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You must include a readme.txt file inside the submitted zip file. This is important - if you submit code without a readme.txt, or with an incomplete readme.txt, it will be rejected. Users may not have access to the website (or LabVIEW) and the zip file needs to have information about the contents. This file includes a temporary link to the support topic of your submission. Once your submission is approved, you must update the link in the readme file and resubmit the zip file. Some people edit the readme file then just copy the entire contents of the file and use that in the description field of their submission - we encourage this practise as it means that everything is identical.

Please feel free to use this template to help you create your readme.txt file:

Download File:post-181-1167856654.txt

readme.txt file structure

<submission Name> Va.b.c

Include the name of your LAVAcr submission, as well as the version number. When versioning a submission, use the format Va.b.c, where the values represent the following:

  • a is the major release number - use it when releasing your first stable version, and when the functionality of the submission changes significantly.
  • b is the incremental minor revision number - use it when fixing bugs and/or upgrading minor functionality
  • c is the build number - use it when creating new builds.


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