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Making code snippets for palette use

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Forgive me if this is obvious, but I have struggled with the help file in 8.2 and could not find a way to add code snippets into my pallet. Actually the whole concept of how palletes are set up is a bit mysterious to me.


I did it once in 7.1 but can't remember how, thus my brain has gone to sleep on this one.

Is there anything good to read on this for 7.1 and 8.2 before I start corrupting my LV installation :)

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks a bunch Jim, I'll be reading.

BTW your "LabView for Everybody" book is the best.

I already have it quite scarred with coffee stains and scuff marks.

Most of the NI material is very good too but I havn't seen it all combined together

as well as this book is.

Only complaint is it' a (huge!) hard cover animal.

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Only complaint is it' a (huge!) hard cover animal.

Perhaps it should be retitled "LabVIEW for Everyone-With-Arm-Strength" :P

But perhaps we shouldn't give it a hard time ... I look at my desk and notice that Kring's book is almost exactly the same size as my "The Complete Reference: C++ Third Edition", and Kring's text is WAY more comprehensive and comprehensible than the C++ text.

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