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USB Data Acquistion

Ray Smith

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Hi all,

I'm just about to start investigating the world of the PDA to collect Analogue data. I was hoping to use the USB DAQ devices, and simply connect it up to a PDA that supports USB host connections. I am having trouble finding a local supplier (Australia) that has PDA's with the USB host functionality.

I currently trying to get information for the Fujistu-Siemens LOOX models - none of which are being imported in to Australia. I don't really want to go and buy one to find out that they don't work with the NI USB DAQ devices.

Has anyone gone down this path that could recommend hardware?

Any suggestions/recommendations welcomed.



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If I were you I would check that daqmx for PDA supports these DAQ's. I am not sure that they do.


I have been told by NI:

"With that release of NI-DAQmx Base 2.0.1 the USB-6008, 6009, and 6501 can be used with a PDA. There are some caveats to using these devices with a PDA.

1. To use a USB device, the PDA must have USB hosting capabilities as it must act as the master USB device. Currently, few PDAs have this capability.

2. Some PDAs turn off their USB port to save power if they are not active."

They have also said that PDA's supporting USB host connections "should" be ok with the USB-6008, 6009, and 6501 devices.



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