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Shared Variables on Multiple Deployed Targets

Jeff Plotzke

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I have two targets reading/writing to a set of shared variables -- One is a PC, one is a PXI RT system (but that really shouldn't matter -- The same question applies with two desktop PC targets). I have the shared variable engine running on the RT system. In my LV project, I have the RT system added with it's IP address; everything works great passing data between the two systems. However, when I deploy this system, move the RT system, and the RT IP address changes, will the PC target still be able to communicate? Does the PSP engine try to connect through hostname or through IP address -- and is there a way I can tell the PSP engine which specific IP address to connect to?


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I just found an answer. You can do this one of two ways:

You can modify the IP address of the host in the project .aliases file. Shared variables use this file to resolve host name to IP address. However, I'm guessing that this file is only read once when labview starts up, so you'd have to modify this manually before you start the application.


If you have LabVIEW DSC, you can programmably change the host for each shared variable through property nodes. (It looks like you'd have to do this for every shared variable you're using...) Note that it mentions that if this is the only DSC feature you're using (You're not using the alarms, logging, etc.), you don't need the DSC run-time engine to deploy an EXE with this feature -- Although you have to select "Enable Enhanced DSC Run-Time Support" at build time.


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