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Logical Clusters

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A logical cluster would be a terminal than can be placed on the diagram and then have controls/indicators added to it using a dialog box. This will eliminate the need for front panel objects to be placed into a cluster container and allow controls/indicators that are part of a cluster to be placed anywhere on the panel, including different pages of a tab control.

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QUOTE(steve m @ Apr 13 2007, 11:29 PM)

...allow controls/indicators that are part of a cluster to be placed anywhere on the panel, including different pages of a tab control.

Part scary, part cool - nice suggestion :thumbup:

That said - during dev, I'd ike it to be really obvious when a control is in a cluster like this...

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I suggested this on Info-LabVIEW and also to NI via email a couple years ago and never heard anything from it. I suggested that it be part of the "Lock, UnLock, Group, UnGroup menu on the FP and that another menu item would show all such cluster items, like we do with cluster order now.

This feature would really make certain UI layouts much easier.

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QUOTE(Michael_Aivaliotis @ Apr 17 2007, 03:20 PM)

Yes, however I'm concerned about obfuscating the UI and diagram. How would you indicate the groupings?
On the front panel Logical Clusters (LC) would normally not be apparant. You would either pick from the groups menu or popup on a bare patch of turf on the FP and select "Show Logical Clusters" or equivalent. When you did, the FP would temporarily darken and Controls that are part of an LC would have a designator or number in the upper right hand corner. Members of the same LC have the same number.

On the diagram I think we would like to see this all the time. Either/or a colored number at the upper right corner of terminals that are part of a LC or some type of highlight. I like the number (or name) since all terminals with a "2" are part of the same cluster. We would also be able to popup on a terminal and select "Show/List other LC Members", etc. I like the number showing though, since it doesn't involve a menu step. Perhaps if we hovered the mouse right over the number (LC designator or LCD ;-) ) then all the rest of the members would highlight.

Of course we'd have to have a scripting method to list all associated members, etc :shifty:

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