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average from Daq


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I need ur help plz,

I am reading from my DAQ card severla values , all inside the loop , then I want to get the avergae of those values , so I added a shift register then outside the loop I have divided by n , but it is starnge that the shift regsiter gave me only the last value , I mean I am reading so it gives me only 104 ??

can u help plzz

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Dear Mr. Nullllll,

I wonder if you ever inquired about the reason why something doesn't work in your code before you post your questions on this forum. We all understand that you probably have some sort of a deadline at work or school, but you are giving an impression that you are very lazy. Instead of learning ways to debug your code or even gather some information about the subjects you mention, you pick the easy way out and just post a question.

The bigger problem is that you don't even respond to replies like this one and just keep on doing what you do best. If you can't even learn from all the replies about your manner of posting questions, why should anyone help you with anything at all?

"Plz" (quote) give everyone a break and either change your ways or stop posting anything else.

With my best regards,


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Hello Nulll,

There is nothing strange when shift register gives you last value...

Instead of using shift register,Try to bring all values outside of loop(Array) and caluculate the average...

Do not forget to enable indexing in a loop :)

I think ami is correct...Repond to the mail properly...

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