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  1. QUOTE (Bryan @ May 12 2008, 05:46 AM) I don't know if the SMTP package is included with your LabVIEW, but with my professional system it's at: C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.5\vi.lib\Utility\SMTP\smtpeml.llb\SMTP Email Base64 Encode.vi
  2. I'm having a problem of running multiple activeX instances using LabVIEW (apparently the problem occurs with more than 4 instances). This problem doesn't happen when I do the same thing in C (Visual Studio). I can create as many instances as I wish, but when I run methods that hang or run for a long period of time, only 4 are able to run at each moment. If I stop any one of the methods, the next one starts running. I attached an example (in LabVIEW 8.5.1) of using the excel activeX automation, but it happens with all of the activeX's I tried so far. It even happens when using several different
  3. QualiSystems (www.qualisystems.com) is looking for great people who love LabVIEW. We take pride in our code and by taking LabVIEW to its limits we have a need for only the best in the field. Here are the details: LabVIEW Developer - Position #4038 Requirements: 4 years (or more) of experience in LabVIEW Advantages: Experience in Hardware QA. Experience in the following fields: Communication, RF, Power, Digital Experience with C/C++/C# Experience with Scripting Languages Experience with Communication Protocols Experience with Databases LabVIEW certification A little bit about
  4. Hi Thang! Try playing with the properties (Maybe with the "ignore waveform time stamp on the x-axes"). You can also try to replace the waveform chart with a new one. Sometimes you forget some property and when you replace it it reinitializes it. I know it doesn't sound too smart, but that's usually the fastest way. Try it. Try disconnecting the Offset for the xscale. I think that's your problem. Ami
  5. Hi Michael, I tried this when I wanted to test a toolkit that I didn't have installed on my PC. You can actually test new LV software out before you buy it. I agree that this is a really good idea. Ami
  6. QUOTE(Jim Kring @ May 1 2007, 09:51 AM) Jim: I think Nadav is looking for a way to close the App1.exe (That stopped running) from App2.exe (That is still running). Something similar to a watch dog. Update: Now I realize that he can close the App1.exe, but he needs to know if App1.exe stopped running. Ami
  7. QUOTE(Thang Nguyen @ Apr 20 2007, 10:24 AM) Hi Thang. I created a small example that (I think) does what you want. (Oh, you need to simulate a DAQmx device in order to use this example. I simulated an NI PCI-6221 for this example). Ami
  8. Ami

    average from Daq

    Dear Mr. Nullllll, I wonder if you ever inquired about the reason why something doesn't work in your code before you post your questions on this forum. We all understand that you probably have some sort of a deadline at work or school, but you are giving an impression that you are very lazy. Instead of learning ways to debug your code or even gather some information about the subjects you mention, you pick the easy way out and just post a question. The bigger problem is that you don't even respond to replies like this one and just keep on doing what you do best. If you can't even learn from
  9. QUOTE(crelf @ Apr 8 2007, 04:29 PM) I'm able to copy/paste with no problems, although the current version of the PMS Assistant that I'm using doesn't have those properties in the VI methods (But I was able to use the "Try this string for a name!" feature to add them to my code). I need someone to please explain (Or attach some code) on how to use the replace method. I'm only able to replace something with a whole VI (and I then Inline it to show it's code on the diagram). This is due to the fact that the replace method has a path input. The problem is that I want to replace a frame in an
  10. QUOTE(JFM @ Mar 4 2007, 03:06 AM) Hi Again, Can you elaborate more on this issue? Why would the Inlining break these VI-server calls (Do you mean calling VIs by reference?) Thanks, Ami
  11. Hi, You can connect LabVIEW to Access or any database of your choosing. You'll require the "database connectivity toolkit". After you have it, you can check the examples that come with it and start from there. You can also find a lot of information on this site and on www.ni.com. Good luck, Ami
  12. Hi, Can anyone please explain to me what are the benefits of "Inlining" a LabVIEW project (I say project because I mean a very big system developed in LabVIEW). I understand from previous posts that it decreases execution time, but does it have any effect on Projects that are being run as a stand alone executable? Because, I would assume that when an exe file is being built, the compiler already makes the execution as efficient as possible, thus probably using the same techniques that one of them is "inlining". Thanks, Ami
  13. QUOTE(SciWare @ Feb 27 2007, 07:53 PM) As always Kurt, you are correct! Thang took over my LabVIEW projects in the company and is using the GOOP Developer. I moved to other projects. I'd appreciate if you'll help him with the wonderful GOOP Developer like you've helped me. Thanks, Ami
  14. The free version doesn't allow sharing the mouse and keyboard which are in my opinion the most important features.I do a lot of work while traveling, and I've used the remote assistance in Windows Live messenger. You can control the mouse and keyboard very easily on another computer with no problems. This way, a client or another programmer that requires help invites me to assist him, and I do all the work straight on his computer, control the hardware, and whatever else he requires. This has been very helpful. The only issue is that a lot of companies block this service from the outside. Ca
  15. Pockey, Don't look under the installed drivers. You have a tool (Open LabVIEW, go to tools, instrumentation, find instrument drivers) that allows you to choose the manufacturer of the hardware, and then search all of the drivers available from that manufacturer. Make sure you are online and that you entered your www.ni.com login (It then searches for the drivers online). That's how I found the E4438C. It also might work for the other one you mentioned. It's worth a try. Let me know... Ami Pockey, I searched again the link that you provided and I also found the second one. Try again. If yo
  16. Hi Pockey, First, open LabVIEW, go to tools, instrumentation, find instrument drivers. I found the a driver for the first Agilent device you mentioned. Good luck with the second one. To download the drivers you will be prompted to create a user name on www.ni.com. You can also search the website for the device drivers. After you have the drivers, look at some of the examples that come with them (Usually good drivers come with a "get started" vi.) LabVIEW is really fun and I welcome you to the community. Enjoy! Ami
  17. Ami

    Wire Labels

    That's a really nice idea, but the problem is that every time you call a SubVI, it takes time. Imagine you have a FOR loop that runs a million times and you want it to go as fast as possible. Every wire will add about 8*10^-6sec (8 micro seconds is how long it takes to call a SubVI as far as I remember) to every loop. If you have an algorithm that should do fast calculations on buffered data and meanwhile go and acquire data (fast) into the buffer, every extra micro second affects the rate you can acquire the data. That at least is my experience with SubVIs. That's why NI always tell you to ha
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