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Just an update to let everyone know that the LabVIEW Wiki has seen some activity and I am happy that some of you have come forth and have taken the step to contributing to the LabVIEW Wiki. Your efforts are appreaciated however small or large. Recent new articles:

[wiki]Error cluster[/wiki]

[wiki]Control References[/wiki]

[wiki]Converting a Sensor Voltage Input to Physical Units[/wiki]


[wiki]LabVIEW ini File[/wiki]

[wiki]CAR Number[/wiki]

[wiki]Uninitialized shift register[/wiki]

There were other minor edits not listed here.

Also, I have made extensive updates to the Wiki Help for new users. Don't forget to check out the FAQ section as well.

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Hi All,

I've just finished migrating, entering, typing, and eye straining to bring you the new LabVIEW ini File Configuration wiki: LabVIEW Configuration file

As you can see, the article is full of all sorts of well known (and some lesser known) settings, including datatype descriptors, default values, OS requirements and more. Just like all of our wiki pages, anyone can edit it: if you see an entry there that's not quite right or don't see one there that you know exists, please please please edit it so we can all share from the most up-to-date information.

:thumbup: A huuuuuuge thanks goes to Brian Renken, who graciously permitted me to use the settings listed on his page as a starting point - cheers mate!

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