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  1. I would try an "Action Engine" here. https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Community-Nugget-4-08-2007-Action-Engines/td-p/503801
  2. Hi Vids, The Read Alarms.vi will output an array of clusters that include the description. Feed the shared variables you want to monitor into this VI and it will return any active alarms and all associated info.
  3. Might be a case for a AB Micrologix. These interface nicely with LabVIEW. Last time I used one, it was still good old ladders.
  4. Yes, you're right. I've also just noticed that the scroll bar resets its position even if the code isn't running. Even without a scroll bar, the string control scroll to the top as soon as it's resized. I wonder if that behavior can be turned off somehow?
  5. Hi John, I don't have a definitive answer. But perhaps using defer panel updates until after you've repositioned your scrollbar would eliminate the jerkyness?
  6. Hello Thang, The documentation found here: http://www.omega.com/Pressure/pdf/LCMFL.pdf seems to indicate that these load cells require exitation voltage on the Red and Black wires. This is typical of most load cells. I can't say for sure why your app is not working. Have a look at the following documentation and check your wiring. http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/D02125BF0BFC6130862576650001F14C http://sine.ni.com/psp/app/doc/p/id/psp-168/lang/en
  7. "I used to do drugs. I still do. But I used to, too." Ah Mitch, we miss you. It would be interesting to compare APIs that were derived from different comedians. Like....Bill Cosby vs. Bill Hicks. Or George Burns vs. George Carlin.
  8. It’s been a couple of years now since the last LabVIEW User Group meeting in Southern Ontario. We like these meetings and we want more. So Enable has teamed up with National Instruments to present three User Group Meetings in the month of March. Check the links below for presentation topic details and to register. WATERLOO: Thursday, March 14, 4:00 - 6:00 - University of Waterloo http://sine.ni.com/nievents/app/offering/p/offeringId/1433357/site/nic/country/ca/lang/en HUMBER COLLEGE: Thursday, March 21, 5:00 - 7:00 - Humber College http://sine.ni.com/nievents/app/offering/p/offeringId/1433359/site/nic/country/ca/lang/en MILTON: Tuesday, March 26, 5:00 - 7:00 - Enable TC HQ http://sine.ni.com/nievents/app/offering/p/offeringId/1433358/site/nic/country/ca/lang/en We also encourage all LabVIEW programmers in Southern Ontario to check out the NI Community Page for the area here: https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/toronto-labview-user-group Hope to see you there!
  9. Can't say for sure that Orca would work for you here. But I had to use it once to convince a popular PLC DE that it could indeed install on the 'home' version of Windows XP. I had zero previous experience with anything similar. But the interface that Orca provided was intuitive enough ( at the time ) that I was able to figure out what I wanted to do.
  10. Hello GraemeJ, A couple of years ago I wrote some control software for a Gilson 215 mulitprobe autosampler. Documentation was diffucult to come by for this hardware but there was an existing piece of setup software. I used this software in combination with a serial port sniffer and trial and errror to determine the commands required to control the autosampler. My first choice for communication would be direct to a COM port on the PC. Unfortunately many PCs no longer have this as an option, in which case I would go with the NI Serial to USB converter simply to have the support should you run into trouble. However, that hardware should make no difference to your code other than perhaps the COM port you are communicating on.
  11. Hi Paul, I've not actually done this in LabVIEW. But I use something called Core Temp to monitor temps on my laptop. There's a few add-ons here: http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/addons.html One of the add-ons is open source. So there may be a way to use some of that code with LabVIEW.
  12. pallen


    Although I don't use it all the time, I really like it when I want to get "right now" information about something. Being here at the office, following the #NIWeek and #labview tweets has been interesting.
  13. Just a really quick search and I found this on the NI Forums: http://forums.ni.com/t5/Instrument-Control-GPIB-Serial/Do-you-have-a-Lab-View-driver-for-the-MTA-Optical-Attenuator/td-p/23068 These are apparently drivers for the JDS HA9 model. This post is somewhat dated. I would contact the manufacturer for updated drivers.
  14. I like being able to see the new ideas in development for the next version of LabVIEW. Personally, I'm looking forward to the ability to undo after a save. Particularly if you've used an existing file as a template, made changes, and clicked "Save" instead of "Save As". There goes your original work. Forever. ( typically followed by a mournful, "Nooooooo!" And then a thudding sound as forehead meets desk. ) If only more programs had that ability.
  15. Yair, I tried sending a PM. But Lava is telling me that an error occurred and I've got to wait until 8pm before sending another message. (what's up with that?) I've sent a PM to Justin. But that may not have worked either. I'll let him know in person as soon as I get to the BBQ. Hopefully there won't be a problem.
  16. Did you need a ticket Yair? ( I couldn't tell if your "First" meant you still needed one ) Just let me know and it's yours. I also have some Rolex watches if anyone's interested.
  17. pallen


    I like having lunch at the convention centre myself. The last time I went, it turned out to be a really cool way of meeting new people. I was there on my own, so each time I sat down at a table, it was typically with people I'd never met before. Plus, as I recall the food was very good too. Although I only got one bad meal the entire time I was in Texas in '08, and that one came from an "authentic" Mexican place in a strip mall somewhere outside of Dallas. ( And the food itself may not have been bad....maybe my Canadian stomach couldn't handle eating that much cactus )
  18. It seems that my co-worker has had something come up and will not be able to attend the LAVA BBQ this year. So, we got an extra ticket. Considering how close the event is, I think it makes the most sense to just put it up there as first reply, first dibs. So, anyone need a ticket? *edit* LOL....I just noticed my topic....which apparently I cannot edit. So...I'm not "ticked". ( Although I think my co-worker was a little disappointed she had to miss the BBQ ) But I do have an extra ticket.
  19. Is that anything like the combined effect of alcohol and altitude? Looks like I won't be arriving until around 10pm on Sunday night. So depending on how long it takes get situated at the hotel, I'll either be fashionably late or have to catch up on my beer consumption during the rest of the week.
  20. I should be at this one too. Travel makes me thirsty.
  21. I think I'm all signed up now. ( Hopefully my PayPal is still working ) Looks like a bit of a walk from my hotel. But I really enjoyed walking around Austin the last time I was there. Went down to watch the bats all fly out from under the bridge one night. That was pretty cool. I'd suggest getting yourself some of that Neutrogena sunscreen with the Helioplex in it. Hopefully I can find the stuff down there, since I'm guessing that I won't be able to bring any with me on the flight due to restrictions and what not. But I just spent three days camping in basically an open field in the blazing sun, and I didn't even get a little sunburned.
  22. Pants. Sometimes they're a good thing.
  23. Looks like I'm going to be there again this year. With a brand new employer too! I'll also be at the BBQ this year. I'd upload a picture, but that might violate laws in some countries. So I'll be the tall guy with glasses and a pony tail. (Not like you'll find any programmers that look like that) I missed last year, and there's been a lot of cool new stuff come down the pipe. So I'm really looking forward to being there this year. See ya'll in a couple of weeks. *edit* Cool, post number 200! (Geeze, only took me what....six years to get there. I like to think of it as high signal to noise )
  24. At my last position, all the developers were still using the old State Diagram Toolkit quite heavily. It had some limitations for sure. A lot of states would mean that any changes or any additional states would take a long time to add. But it's a very easy tool to use. The new NI tool is a lot different than the older tool. You can do a lot more with it, but there is a learning curve. As far as documentation goes, occasionally I'll use Visio if I need to show someone else my planned architecture. But usually I'll just be scribbling on a piece of paper and let the code be the documentation.
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