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Calling third party software from LabVIEW

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Hi All,

In one of the requirement, I need to open the Debugger(AXD) then needs to send some commands from it.

Is it possible to invoke debugger from LabVIEW and work on specific text boxes in the debugger.

Details : APIs or DLLs related to debugger are not exposed to outside world.

I am using teststand3.1 software as manangement tool.

Is any body come across similar type of issue ?,,Please suggest me the way to wokr on it.



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QUOTE(alexwarrior @ May 16 2007, 03:45 AM)

Thanks for the reply.

This particular debugger supports very few command line commands.So very difficult to work with them to fully automate whole system.

IS their any way to inlcude user actions in to the labview or to the teststand by anyway.And also command line is available only after the window is opened and the command line is bulit inside the debugger.



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If that debugger don't expose anything (ActiveX, .Net, whatever) and you can't pass the needed info through the command line or similar, I don't see how you can control it from LV :thumbdown: . I suppose you could get the control of Windows mouse and keyboard and simulate a human user... but that's defnitely not elegant.



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