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bmp read&draw

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hi there, a simple question:

how can i read a bmp file and show it on the front panel?

i thought i had to use:

Read BMP File.vi and Draw Flattened Pixmap.vi

but nothing happens. what am i doing wrong?

i dont have any specialized packages, so i'm running with the basic vi's on LabView 6.0



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QUOTE(Jonas @ May 15 2007, 03:52 PM)

You can use windows media player to display anything.

See attachment..

hi Jonas,

unfortunately i have only LabView 6.0 and 7.0 . is it possible to save yout vi's for version 7.0 compatability and post them again?

thanks anyway,


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hi all,

Read BMP File.vi and Draw Flattened Pixmap.vi

are indeed the right functions. what i was doing wrong and caused the problem, was not connecting all inputs to the

Draw Flattened Pixmap.vi (was connecting only the flattened image data array) - although this didn't cause errors, the pic didn't show up.

thanks for the replies,


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