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Updating front panel display of multicolumn listbox

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Hi all,

I hope this is in the right forum section. I'm a little new...

Basically, I have a subVI which displays some data from a global variable into an initially empty multicolumn listbox and outputs the listbox. I want to call this VI from another user-interface VI (which modifies the global variable) to display that VI. The thing is, when I modify the global variable from the UI VI, the listbox in the subVI is updated, as it should be, but the listbox in the UI VI is not.

I'm assuming that because I used property nodes to update the listbox in the first place, this information is not actually stored in the output listbox. What should I do?

Basically, what I'm trying to accomplish is, I have this array but I want to display the entire array at once. LabView seems only to display one index at a time, which is aggravating...is there a better way to do this? I was just poking around and found the multicolumn list feature, and got it kind of working - but I get the feeling there should be a better solution.


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It would help if you posted your code so it could be reviewed.

If you want to see more than 1 element in an array you can expand the array. Mover your cursor to the edge of the array. Blue dots should outline it. Then Click and drag in either the horizontal or vertical direction. I have attached a .vi that illustrates this.

Does that answer your question?


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