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App property for frontmost window


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This topic reminded me of this desire of mine. It would be really nice to have a property node or invoke node that returned that frontmost LabVIEW window. You can get all VIs in memory and check if each is frontmost, but this doesn't work for block diagrams. The output of my wishful node would be

App Ref - reference of the application the frontmost window belongs to

VI name - or the control name if that is the frontmost

FrontPanel? - True if the front panel is frontmost, False if it is the block diagram

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QUOTE(PJM_labview @ Aug 16 2007, 08:25 PM)

Use the VI Activation scripting event for this. Works great.

Now why have I not paid attention to the scripting events??? Thanks so much, PJM_labview. That works a treat.

It looks like it fires for LabVIEW tools (like Hierarchy window and Navigation window, etc.) as well, so if I want to ignore them I will have to filter them. Have you done that before? --- Wait, I forgot about the scripting property "IsSystemVI?". That solves that. Thanks again.

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QUOTE(PJM_labview @ Aug 17 2007, 10:55 AM)

Yes, some filtering is required. Among other things you probably want to ignore probes.

Therefore typically I used the properties below: VI:VIType and VI:IsProbe to achieve this.

Thanks for the heads up! :thumbup:

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