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Creating lookup table

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Dear people,

I want to make up a lokup table for a sigmoid waveform, to which i can enter the x values and the output i get is the y value which i can give as an input to a transfer function. can anyone please help me with this. i am new to labview and trying to implement a model, i m almost done but stuck up with this problem. if anyone can please help will be of great help.

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QUOTE(shashank @ Sep 5 2007, 04:31 AM)

Two options have just appeared on radar.

If you're using LV 8.2...

Go to ni.com/labs and click on the Generic Container download.

If you're using LV 8.5...

try this out: http://forums.lavag.org/Map-implemented-with-classes-for-85-t8914.html' target="_blank">http://forums.lavag.org/Map-implemented-wi...r-85-t8914.html

Otherwise, there are two options that you have historically in LV:

1) Create two parallel arrays and add and remove from both simultaneously. You can use Search 1D Array to find the value in the X array and then return the complimentary value in the Y array.

2) You can use the attributes of a Variant; flatten your X to a string and use that as the key to store attributes whose value is y. Later you can retrieve the values by looking up attributes on the variant.

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