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Odd Tab control behavior in 8.5

Val Brown

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I'm experiencing a rather odd problem. I have a tab control that I've inherited from an 8.2 successful, built application code base. The tabs are arranged along the top, to size to contents (of the labels) and each page holds indictors -- generally graphs -- that use calculations done in the event state machine on the BD. In 8.2 this code works fine.

When I port this code over to 8.5, however, odd things begin to happen. For when thing the tabs size to over 8000 pixels tall! I can see no reason for this behavior and, since Panel Bounds is a read only property, I can't resize this Tab control programmatically. It's also not possible -- apparently! -- for to manually resize the tab control as it is on the FP. Here's the other curious bit. When I first migrate the VI holding this Tab control I get a numer of warnings about how the code can't find lyanlys.dll in the <LV>\resource folder but then, lo and behold!, it actually DOES find that resource and uses it. This then leads to a recompile of all of the lvlibs that relate to analysis/measurement functions.

Now I can understand that the analysis/measurement funcitons may need to be recompiled, etc -- moving from 8.2 to 8.5 that would seem likely. But what I do NOT understand is how that is AT ALL related to the size of tab items on a tab control.

Anyone have any ideas -- good or bad!!

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QUOTE(Neville D @ Oct 12 2007, 02:57 PM)

Maybe there is a label or caption that is placed hidden somewhere on the tab control and it resizes (auto-grows) to fit it.

Try turning auto-grow off?

Else just rebuild the tab control in 8.5 and delete the old one.


Yes, I was afraid I'd have to rebuild the tab.

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