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New products launched today

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Hi Guys,

New to LabVIEW and asking 'how the heck do I do that', or battle weary, front line performers asking 'how the heck did I do that'?

Either way, these new products from EasyDAQ may be of interest…..

We are pleased to announce the launch today of two new products:

A new, low cost, USB connected, 4 channel relay card + 4 DIO channels from $78/€55/£38 (inc free worldwide shipping).


A new, general purpose 8 channel, opto-isolated relay card that can be connected to your own hardware or spare DIO channels from $85/€62/£42.50 (inc free worldwide shipping).


All USB products are Windows 98SE/2K/XP/Vista, Mac OSX and Linux compatible and come with LabVIEW, Visual C, Visual Basic, Delphi or Agilent VEE example programs.

They are aimed at Engineers, Scientists & Academics engaged in the design and development of Test, Automation & Control and Instrumentation/Data Logging applications.

We are Design Engineers and LabVIEW specialists - we use LabVIEW daily and regularly use our own products in systems that we design for our customers.

Tell me more:


Chris Harden

We design & supply low cost Network, USB & Serial Port Relay Card, Automation & Control, Data Acquisition & NIDAQ compatible hardware products.



EasyDAQ - going into space in 2007.....

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