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Question about 3-D graphical display in labview 8.5

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I have a question. I am trying to take a series of 2-D arrays and basically lay them on top of each other to form a 3-D picture. The numbers within the array represent the pixel intensities. I am by no means a LabView expert, but I use it as a secondary tool to display data from research. I would like to generate a user interface that would allow me to be able to move and get a good visualization of this 3-D matrix (It's essentially 4 dimensions x,y,z,and the pixel intensity). Any ideas?

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I have done this a variety of ways, using the activeX 3d control avaialble within the graph pallette, w/ a slight modification.

this something like what you want?


The trick is that you don't use the VI's provided, rather just the reference that they drop and use the method "Plot3DMesh"

using that method is critical if you data does not arranged perfectly (happens w/out you even realizing)

This method does a connect the dots for you and makes the 3d surface and it is up to you to set the levels for the values, but this is very easy through right click the activeX control on the FP


and go to properties.

From there you set a lot of stuff.

So go play w/ what I've given you so far and come back w/ about the 20 questions I'm sure you'll have

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