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Greater? funktion. Is it a bug ?

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I got a problem with the compare function "Greater?".

I use it the way you can see in the VI.

With the controls set as default there is no problem.

The current value cycles between 8 and 4 with 0.2 steps.

The problem is that when I set the Start value less than 7.6, current value never reach 8.00.

I can't what's wrong with my VI, or is it the Greater? funktion that got a bug ?

best regards

Bjarne Jørgensen

PS: It's the same behaviour in LV6.1 and 8.2

The Vi is in 8.2

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Well, the problem arises in the "7.8" step, when you compare two "7.8" values and the "greater?" function returns true. I'm not an expert on this but I believe is usual for floating point numbers not to be exactly the expected value, due to accuracy limits (number of bytes, etc). Surely someone else can explain better.

Anyway, it's better to avoid those risks. For example, you can substract both values and check if the difference is greater than 0.1, or work with integers and convert then to double in the end.



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