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A little background:

We've been putting together a couple of machines that use Compact DAQ NIcDAQ 9172 chassis, populated with a 9425, a 9477, and a 9239 on each.

Each tester also has a pair of Xantrex XDL 35 programable power supplies that are also USB.

There were no problems during development. But once an executable was built and run, it would only run for a little while before the dreaded BSOD would show up.

We tried all kinds of things. Got an AE at NI involved. Sent dump files. Yada Yada. Nothing seemed to fix it, and there didn't seem to be a solution coming from NI either.

Evenutally after reading about some problems others were having with a simlar DELL PC, we decided to try shutting off the second processor core in the BIOS. Lo and behod we're not crashing anymore!

I can't say I'm exactly happy with this "solution". Obviously our new PC took a pretty serious performance hit when we shut off the other core. But the code still seems to run fine, just with a higher load.

This was our first time using Compaq DAQ and I think we might be a little leary about using it again. I'm wondering if anyone else has used these DAQ devices in a production enviroment and what their experiences have been.

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