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It depends on how you want the Panel that calls them to operate after they are opened.

There are many methods for bringing up a FrontPanel of a VI and having it run, so answering this question is critical to your larger topic.

A few examples of how you would answer

I want the top level VI (caller) to continue running and still be interacted with

I want the top level VI to stop running and the user can only use the window that just popped up

I want the top level VI to go away and only show the new one.

I want the top level VI to keep running but not be interacted with while these windows run.

Just think on it for a while of how you want your users to interact and let us know.

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QUOTE(yasmeen85 @ Dec 14 2007, 09:28 AM)

Why no one answering me??

No one know how to do multi-page?!!!!

Look up dynamically loading VIs through the usage of "vit" (vi templates).

The issue is that this is not a really simple issue. It is not difficult, but requires a good knowledge of using VI server.

Do some research on dynamically loading VIs and come back w/ some more questions so we can guage how much more you need.

Good luck


ps: the short answer. If you have the other pages already made, and they can be run by themselves w/ out needing the top level running, then all you need to do is open a reference to the child pages using open VI reference, then call the RunVI method on the opened reference.

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ZITAT(yasmeen85 @ Dec 8 2007, 06:23 PM)

Thanks for replying..

The first method so:-

I want to make a main front panel which have icons (choices) which lead to another front panels but with the main one still open...

So how can I make it by Labview??

Thanks again


you might want to have a look at the example

...\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.5\examples\general\uievents.llb\New Event Handler.vi

The example is meant as an introduction how to use (user-)event handling in Labview, but it also may help to answer you question.

In the example 2 subVIs open their front panel when a corresponding button on the main VI is pressed.

The subVIs are declared to be 'modal' in this example: That means that no other LV window is accessible before the modal window is closed again. Therefore no two sub-windows can be opened at the same time.

If you want to switch off the 'modal' behavior please look under the topic 'Customize Window Appearance Dialog Box' in the LV help to see how to proceed.

However, in the given example switching off 'modal' would not make sense since the 'Analyze' sub-window can only do a meaningful job when the 'Aquire' sub-window (or subVI for that matter) has terminated.

Whether a subVI with opened front panel should me made 'modal' or not depends on the intended application.

Hope this helps,


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