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A different kind of LabVIEW experience

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A strange thing happened to me yesterday. I worked in LabVIEW for an entire day without it crashing :thumbup:

The only problem was that this was because I was working in LabVIEW 7.1. I realized that I've become so used to LabVIEW 8.x crashing, hanging or otherwise requiring me to kill the tasks that I'd forgotten that once upon a time LabVIEW had a stable development environment.

I hope that these experiences can be found in future versions of LabVIEW (8.6?) but for now I have a feeling that I'll continue to need to keep the following command line text handy:

taskkill /f /im labview.exe

(Kills all LabVIEW Windows tasks immediately)

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QUOTE (Omar Mussa @ Jun 25 2008, 08:10 AM)

A strange thing happened to me yesterday. I worked in LabVIEW for an entire day without it crashing :thumbup:

Interesting. I have always found LabVIEW to be very stable (TestStand is a different story). There are times when I will leave LabVIEW open for days at a time and never have an issue. I will say though, that just recently as I have begun exploring the world of LVOOP I have experienced some random crashes and lockups. I can't say whether or not the crashes are directly related to LVOOP. It hasn't bothered me enough yet to search for a repeatable crash and report it.

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I've seen some strange thigns with 8.5.x

Sometimes I will change the connector pane of a VI in a project. This VI might be called in a couple of places. At one location, it will seem to use the changed VI but at another location, it will seem to use the unchanged VI without an error for a few iterations, until it finally crashes LabVIEW.

On restarting, the top-level VI will open up correctly as broken since it now shows the second location as needing a re-link.

Wierd.. but I have learnt to live with it as well.


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