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  1. We seek an experienced LabVIEW developer for Hardware Automation in the Redmond, WA area. This is a contract position. Contract length is undefined but we have a lot of work to keep the right candidate busy. Unfortunately, we cannot support fully remote work at this time. Advanced LabVIEW programming experience (CLA preferred) Broad understanding of LabVIEW design patterns and best practices Experience optimizing and debugging LabVIEW Experience building executables and install packages and deploying hardware/software setups Experience with Machine vision, Motion, FPGA or other add-on packages is a plus Familiarity with common test equipment (Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, etc.), VISA, Serial, USB Excellent communicator, both written and verbal Python, MATLAB, or other languages is a plus Feel free to reach out to me with questions, or to send your resume. Thanks, Toby
  2. This is off the top of my head as I don't have LV in front of me, but I think your URL might need to be set to ni.var.io:// instead of ni.var.psp:// when configuring outputs. -Toby
  3. This is my first post in months...but I haven't forgotten you LAVA. I still lurk frequently when I need information - just don't have much time to post. I have been working at Microsoft (Redmond, WA) now for just over a year as a vendor/contractor through Northwest Contract Services (NWCS). It has been the best career move I've made and I wanted to share the opportunity with others in the area that might be looking for a change. NWCS is currently seeking qualified candidates to fill the following positions: - LabVIEW developer and Hardware Test Engineer - preferably with some supervisory/team lead experience - Hardware Test Engineers - EE with test development and design verification experience - Manufacturing Test Engineers - EE or ME with test fixture design, test software and test equipment experience If this has peaked anyone's interest, please PM me and I'll make sure your resume gets to the right place. I know there are a lot of talented individuals here that could be a great fit (Full Disclosure: I'm not a recruiter, but I might get a little kickback for referring someone who does good work ) -Toby
  4. This sounds intriguing. I can't wait to check it out...now if only the cool kids will let me into the group.
  5. I didn't see any change in the LV environment when I changed the scroll speed in windows. I did find a thread here on the dark side that traces a scrolling issue back to a custom pointer installation. If you hover directly over the horizontal or vertical scrollbars and move the wheel will it scroll?
  6. I have been using LV2009 with Win7 for quite a while on multiple machines and have not seen this issue. I'd go with a reinstall. -Toby
  7. I have wished for this in the past as well. It seems messy to use station globals when many projects will never use them. -Toby
  8. One easy way to accomplish this is to write to a Value (Signaling) property node rather than to the indicator itself. That will trigger the event, and you can use the OldVal and NewVal event terminalts to determine if the value has changed. See attached vi. BoolIndEvent.vi
  9. You know I can't say much Ben, but here's what I will say... I was actually surprised. I thought this exam was much easier than the CLD. Perhaps it was just the extra 2 years of experience (and quick drop certainly helped as well). I actually finished everything to my satisfaction with about 5 minutes to spare. Since I didn't really know what to expect I went back and reviewed the 3 CLD sample exams again. That turned out to be a really good idea. Remember that you are allowed to use the built in LabVIEW Templates. I spent some time practicing building various architectures starting from the templates and adding in things like error handling so that I was able to very quickly generate a framework during the test. The other thing that I had to keep reminding myself is that I didn't have to actually write the code, just define the inputs and outputs to each subVI and wire them up and then add a brief comment as to what the subVI should do. I ended up actually coding up one of my subVIs as a sanity check to make sure that what I wanted it to do would actually work...it did. And most of all...Good Luck!
  10. I started a new job yesterday that I think is going to be great, and I just got my CLA results...I PASSED!!! Life is good!
  11. I've heard there is a link between drinking homogenized milk and heart disease...although admittedly I have done no research on the topic. Just thought I'd throw it out there so you can look it up if you are a big milk drinker. I probably should do some research because I drink quite a bit of milk myself.
  12. I just wanted to say that I wasted a solid hour last night playing with this site...it's way too much fun. Out of respect for my family I won't share any of the anagrams that their names produced.
  13. Congratulations! There's nothing better than being a dad
  14. Hi Dave,

    It was good to meet you yesterday. Always nice to finally put a face to a name.

  15. I just ran across this article and thought it was pretty neat...looks like LabVIEW in the picture. Children With Autism Show Slower Pupil Responses, Study Finds
  16. Attendees to the LabVIEW developer days get a $200 coupon or voucher that can be applied towards any NI training or certification exam.
  17. Sounds fun, but you'll have to find some foreign coins for this trick. US money is not magnetic. It's always a good idea to run a magnet over any rolls of coins before taking to the bank to make sure you didn't accidentally let some Canadian pennies slip into the mix.
  18. I figured out what was happening. I was switching back to the SequenceView using the ExecutionClosed callback, but wasn't checking the number of executions that were open. Opening my autolaunching sequence file would open two executions, one to open the file and one that was the actual execution of the file. As soon as the file was opened, the first execution would close triggering my UI to switch back to the sequence view. The other execution had already started running the sequence file so it would continue to run in the execution view but I couldn't see it. I now use ApplicationManager.Executions.Count and only switch back to the SequenceView if there are no executions open. This works well for what we are doing.
  19. There are quite a few video tutorials on youtube...some better than others.
  20. We are experiencing the exact same issue with TS4.2 and LV2009. I'll let you know if I figure out what is going on.
  21. TestStand 4.2 LabVIEW 2009 Windows Vista Business 32-bit My sequence file is using a SequenceFileLoad callback to automatically start its own execution using the TestUUTs entrypoint. This is accomplished by calling the Engine.NewExecution method. The problem I am having is that my custom LabVIEW user interface is not switching to the execution view when the execution begins. If I manually start the execution using the TestUUTs button, the execution view is displayed. In my UI, the change from the sequence view to the execution view happens in the DisplayExecution event callback as well as the StartExecution event callback. I also tried the Executionchanged event callback but realized that it did not apply in this case. The complex UI that ships with TestStand works correctly and, as far as I can tell, I am using the same event callbacks to handle the change in my UI. Any ideas? What am I missing? -Toby FULL DISCLOSURE: Cross post from NI Forums
  22. I don't know if this had been discussed yet, but I just found out about it yesterday and I hadn't seen it here...In LabVIEW 2009 there is a new ini key: skipSVNFolders=true This will cause LabVIEW to skip over your .svn folders when doing a mass compile.
  23. I imagined you imagining hooovahh imagining a NI employee...wait...this is getting out of hand
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