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Test Stand 4.0 -- Better Reporting question


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Test Stand 4.0 -- Better Reporting question

Have LabView & Test Stand sequenced project where I have to deal with 100K of tests results.

Native Test STand reporting is not really friendly or helpful in analyzing such huge volumes of tests results.

Question: Has anyone had any experience with Test Stand reporting -- what type of Test Stand reporting do you use? Any examples would be helpful.

Wonder if anyone has SQL DB Reporting repository with IIS WebPortal & Crystal Report Web AcrtiveX for letting anyone in intranet visit Webpages and query any flavor of the tests results reports. I am looking for examples or anything related to better Test Stand reporting.

Thank you,



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QUOTE (iowa @ Aug 7 2008, 11:41 PM)

Hi there alex. After working a full year on a pretty big TestStand project I can say that the HTML reports are very nice but are very hard to customize. To customize them you need some knowledge on web progromming such as xslt style sheets, xml, html, javascript,... The results can be realy impresive but you might need some help to get to what you need if you are not used to web programming. That said, this is only a static html reporting tool. If what you need is to be able to make different types of analysis on the data, you might want to think about a database solution. I never actualy tried it but I know that TestStand has drivers to communicate with databases. So you can basically add steps to save the data that you just acquired in the database.

There is one other option that I know of. It is not my intention to do product placement but I simply think that this might be useful to you. I work for a company called Averna. We make a software called Proligent which enhances TestStand web reporting capabilities. It actually does a lot more but just to keep this reply short, if you are interested, you can check out this website:


Hope this helps,


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