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Implement manual TCP/IP on PDA


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I need to create a PDA version of my software and here is the situation: It is a server client application which works over DSTP protocol for communication. But the labVIEW PDA module does not support DSTP protocol so: I must create a PDA client which reads data using TCP protocol.

So to simplify, the scope here is: To create a TCP client who reads data from DSTP server!

I suppose that I should start working with winsock in order to implement manually TCP/IP communication with the DSTP server which is broadcasting waveform data on port 3015?

I have tried with basic TCP vi's but after successful opening of the connection I am receiving error 66 from TCP read data vi.

Thank you!

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You can try to reimplement the DSTP protocol (which is not an open standard - no documentation) using low level TCP functions, but I would recommend that you switch over to a solution based completely on TCP for this application, i.e. your server will use TCP to pass the data to the client instead of DSTP.

You may want to look at the STM component and communication reference design on ni.com which provide a good example for implementing low level TCP communication in this type of application.

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QUOTE (LV_FPGA_SE @ Aug 22 2008, 03:44 PM)


Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried that already but always getting Error 66 from TCP read vi!

Any ideas?

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