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Götz Becker

RT FIFOs in a Windows App?

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I recently learned that with an installed LV RealTime it is possible to use the RT-FIFO primitives in VIs running with Windows as target system.

Are there any pitfalls when using the RT-FIFOs in a Windows application? A quick exe-build of a VI with some RT-FIFO functions ran without problems on WinXP / LV 8.6.

My usecase is that we have a current project developed for RT in which the FIFOs are extensivly used (mostly for lowlvl communication in various HW driver modules). We now have a new requirement for this software to be run as stripped down version  (e.g. without closed loop control) on Windows targets. It would be nice if we could keep most of the code including these with RT-FIFO. My first thought was to replace all RT-FIFOs in conditional disable structures with the queue counterparts ( :thumbup: for the new lossy enqueue element!) but then all references would have to be replaced too, a road I don´t want to go down if I have a chance to avoid it.

Has anyone tried something like that?

greetings from a warm and sunny Munich


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I've never seen mention of them not working in Windows. I've had zero problems using them on the host (i.e. windows) side in my applications.

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