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labview and ethernet

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hello everybody...

i'm a new user of Labview,and i have to say that i found it very interesting.

i want to ask you some questions before i start a project,if anyone can help me.

i will communicate with a microcontroller (Pic)

the kind of connection will be via ethernet port.

i did not found any example to show me the way to do this.

is it possible,this kind of communication?

thank you ..

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Hello Pantelis and all of you guys

I have the same question with Pantelis.

I want to make a microcontroller of PIC family to communicate with

labview through ethernet.

I think that i have to do something with IP and Mac address but I don't know exactly what to do.

Does anyone have any idea who to do this?

(Sorry about my English....)

Thank you for your time.....

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Many people have interacted with microcontrollers and if you search both here and in NI's forums you should find many threads.

Additionally you can find shipping examples in LabVIEW's example finder (in the help menu). You probably want TCP related examples.

You should start by going through some tutorials first, though.

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v_pan, I have done something similar recentl, with a PIC as well. The hard thing to program is definitely on the PIC side, allocating the correct ressources and Socket type for your connection. LabVIEW is really easy to use once you've been through the tutorials.

About what Minh said in the last post, unfortunately PIC are not ARM microcontrollers and I doubt that NI has any compiler for those yet. You will still have to write your code in good old C! =)

Best of luck!


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