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Unit conversion

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QUOTE (Dan DeFriese @ Oct 10 2008, 06:27 PM)

Can't you just use 'To Double Precision Float' primitive on the numeric >> conversion pallete? It takes arrays.

What's the significance of "150 uV Pk-Pk"?


No that conversion isn't quite sufficient because of the 150 microvolt Peak to Peak range to which the U16 array needs to be mapped: ie a 0 U16 needs to equal -75 microvolts while a 65535 needs to equal +75 microvolts.

Now the trick in this is that I'm actually mapping an ASCII string to U8s then reversing the hi/low bytes to get the U16s so maybe someone knows of an even better way to go directly from the ASCII to DBLs that map to +/- 75 uV (ie 150 uV peak to peak).

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QUOTE (B Chavez @ Oct 11 2008, 09:48 AM)

I'm no math wiz, but my first thought is that if you need scaling, you've gotta multiply or divide. I'd be interested if someone has another way.

Yes, that's why I was posting this as I was starting from the same point of view but thinking/hoping that there might be some native function or primitive that I wasn't aware of that might work more effectively/efficiently.

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