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The Specialized software in this case is Wound Management I have a program working for some months now in alpha testing, and I'd like to try it out a little wider. The program is written in LV 7.0 and can install to and run from a memory stick without leaving any traces on the hard drive. This may be a useful model for some people.

Nurses who look after wounds are spread far and wide across the world. They cannot install programs (I've tried to get 'em to do it and they just won't). The plan is to get some of the people who read this list to install it for a nursing home or group of home care nurses in their neighborhood. Some training in Internet use may be needed too as the program interacts with email and web uploads of pictures. This will save us hiring salespeople etc etc, So the proposal is to split the income half and half with the 'nerd' for a period of five years. Check <http://tinyurl.com/3z432n> or <http://www.tradersmicro.com/WoundFollowUp/...Ucrowdofnerds.php>for a lead in.

If you have suggestions about the whole approach of Crowd of Nerds, then I'd like to see them as it's new territory to me.

Yours Sincerely


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