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Labview with OPC AllenBradley


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QUOTE (maroctrading @ Dec 19 2008, 02:10 AM)

Hello forum,

I'm Mounir from Morocco,it is my first debate in this forum,I have small worries at the level of the LabView and AllenBradley :

-how to link OPC of AllenBradley with LabView with the intention of supervising such program in AllenBradley ? somebody represents stages me


in order to communicate with AllenBradley PLC, you have to install their OPC server named RSLinx and setup it for the CPU you want to communicate with.

Then, in RSLinx you can configure the tags representing the internal PLC variable you want to read/write from you labview program.

When the tags are defined, you can access them or via Datasocket (using the OPC protocol... see the labview on line manual or search on NI web site) or

by binding the controls on your front panel to the desired tag: to do that, open the properties window of the control/indicator and go to the page Data Binding... select Datasocket from the sources, set the access type (Read o Write or both) and select the source using the button on rigth side of the path control.

The path is the same for the Datasocket API... Databinding is all automatic but Datasocket API give you more control over the communication.

Refer to the on line help for detailed information... and search on the AllenBradley web site for RSLinx software and how to configure it.

This is all my knowledge about.... sorry!



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QUOTE (normandinf @ Jan 6 2009, 09:55 AM)

There are some VIs here on lava too that are more open then the NI ones. They are not OPC but communicate with the Ethernet IP protocol which is what most OPC servers would be using.

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QUOTE (David Wisti @ Jan 6 2009, 05:17 PM)

There are some http://forums.lavag.org/Industrial-EtherNet-EtherNet-IP-t9041.html' target="_blank">VIs here on lava too that are more open then the NI ones. They are not OPC but communicate with the Ethernet IP protocol which is what most OPC servers would be using.

Hi to all,

Ok... I never used this VI libraries because they use the Ethernet interface and I needed to use an RS232 serial link... If you use the Ethernet interface module, probably you can use this libraries in more efficient way than the OPC interface...

In my latest work, I used Siemens S7 PLC with Ethernet interface module and I communicate via TCP/IP Fetch/Write protocol without the need for an OPC server or other driver software...

RSLinx is the only secure way to interact with AllenBradley PLC if you use the serial link or you want to use a generic method to connect to PLC tags via OPC (because RSLinx is the only official sw that implement the PLC protocol that I know)... than, to connect to tags you can use Datasocket or the OPC Server (that in facts are OPC clients) library from NI, or even Labview DSC...


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