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VI to display a zoomed-in portion of a graph?


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Has anyone seen a VI online which would display a portion of a graph in a second graph window?

I'm thinking of oscilloscopes which allow users to place two cursors and then view the data which is between them in a "zoomed-in" view. The ability to then easily move the two cursors simultaneously is then very useful.

I first used a feature like this on a Yokogawa ScopeCorder DL750 (they call it "GigaZoom") and I believe most new oscilloscopes offer something similar.

I think I can quickly make something crude but I'd like to have a nice, smooth interface...

If one isn't available and I do make one, is there a repository online where VIs are uploaded, commented on, and improved?



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I don't have any code, but if you look at Signal Express there is an example of something you could accomplish with LabVIEW code. Looks like its made up of two graphs. The bottom is the full data set, and the top shows the highlighted portion from the lower graph.

Good luck

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One possible way it could be done is to work with the array the graph is displaying.

Take a subset of the original array and displaying this subset in a second graph.

By changing the subset offset and length you can "pan" along the original array and "zoom" in.

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