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Run Matlab from Labview

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I'm quite new when it comes to both Labview and Matlab and now I've run into a problem I can't solve on my own.

I wish to enter values from Labview and then automatically start Matlab using these values.

I have already looked into the "Matlab script" but the Matlab code I use have alot of functions and calls to other programs itself so it doesn't work very well.

Is there any one who know how to solve this? It seems like there should be an easy answer, but I can't find it...

// Anders

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Well if you dont want to use the matlab-node (not the mathscript node). You could always make a "mail-box" solution. Write a MAT-file, with data and write a file indicating new data available. Have matlab scan this in box is new data exist read data-file and erase the file indicating new data available. Do the calculations write out the data file that labview can read. Have Labview scan this "mail-box".

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