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LAVA member makes keg-lamp

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Thanks crelf. I'm definitely going to try to make another one for the gift exchange next year, but where am I going to get another empty mini-keg. I smell a beer night. :beer: :beer:

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I didn't realize that it needed any programming. But I've always wanted to look for a reason to use one of those NI USB DIO devices for a personal project (since they are relatively cheap)

I know I could fit a Pico-ITX PC in there, then have a USB wireless adapter connecting to my home network. Then have LabVIEW running on the beer keg PC, and have it control a USB DO clicking a relay and turning on and off the lamp. Kinda seems like alot for turning on and off a lamp, and convoluted.

Now that I think about it I should try to fit a PC in a mini-keg. Have it be fully functional with all the IO ports of a normal PC.

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