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In ver 6.1 there was a panel print.vi that printed the front panel of a vi to the default printer. In my 8.6 version LabIVIEW I found what looks like something the will do the same thing in reports with the Easy Print VI Panel or Documentation.vi which seems to allow one to set this up to print to any printer and not just the default printer. If this is so that is one more reason to upgrade to the current version for the current project that I am working on which was originally written in version 6.1 - it is large with about 400 VIs! From what I have seen so far the original panel print.vi in v 6.1 had no way to print to anything but the default printer, unless of course, I go in and try to change the default path as desired using windows dll calls, and that does not sound like a great deal of fun. Of course it would also be nice if there was some way in the 8.6 version to get a list of available printers so I am also open to any suggestions to solve this problem using version 8.6 also. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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