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simple edge detection vi problem

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QUOTE (Neville D @ Mar 26 2009, 11:36 PM)

What do you mean "not stable" ?

Isn't it there at every loop iteration? At every iteration the previous image will be replaced by a new one.


I mean when i play this vi , many time the display image does not show correctly (Sometime show color , sometime show grayscale, sometime show edge detection....)

Did you play my vi? if you play my vi. you will understand "not stable" that i mean.

Best Regard

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QUOTE (lovemachinez @ Mar 26 2009, 09:03 PM)

Did you play my vi? if you play my vi. you will understand "not stable" that i mean.

No, I did not play your VI. I don't have a USB camera nor the USB VI's installed on my machine. Probably your camera is not able to keep up with your loop. Slow the loop down with delays or go with a firewire camera. They are much more reliable.


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QUOTE (Neville D @ Mar 27 2009, 11:36 PM)

But this one form this forum http://forums.lavag.org/Finding-Edges-with...ion-t12946.html vi in post#3

can work correctly. I can't understand what is the different of two vi. why this vi can work correctly but my vi doen't correct.

could you please tell me what wrong with it ?

many thank

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