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Public Git repo (source code): 




Open Office RGT addon v0.2.0 beta


Copyright © 2010-2016, François Normandin.

All rights reserved.



Author:François Normandin

Contact Info: Contact via PM on www.lavag.org


LabVIEW Versions:

Created and tested with LabVIEW 2009



Report Generation toolkit (part of it is included in the base package: Word & Excel require license)




This package contains an installer and class to use the AODL (An OpenDocument library) with the Report Generation toolkit

from National Instruments.




- ooWriter class

- AODL classes (and DLLs)

- PreInstall and PreUninstall VIs to backup the only modified NI VI: New Report.vi (in Utility\NIReport.llb)




After installing package with VIPM, use the NI Report Generation palette as usual.



Known Issues:


1- ooWriter: 

Styles integration is incomplete. Needs to have a real "style" class created that will comply with current standard in RGT.

Adding an image is not working correctly: it is embedded in a paragraph instead of being standalone.


2- ooCalc: no integration yet, but rather similar to ooWriter in principle. (All the roadblocks will be cleared by ooWriter)


3- This code has been done with LV2009. I see no problem for using with LV 8.2 and up, it's just a matter of 

saving for previous version and distribute. This will be done at a later date.




National Instruments. (NI Report Generation Toolkit) ** LVOOP rocks **

AODL by Sun Microsystems, Inc. Copyright 2007





v0.2.0: released on bitbucket (Git) for community


v0.1.0: Initial release of the code. (LV2009)






LabVIEW libraries of OpenOffice for RGT addon are licensed under BSD.

AODL us distributed under the LGPL license.

(see license files for more detail)




If you have any problems with this code or want to suggest features:

please go to www.lavag.org and Navigate to the discussion page.



This code was downloaded from the LAVA Code Repository found at www.lavag.org 




What's New in Version   See changelog


Addition of ooCalc for Spreadsheet Documents:

  • This version includes a draft release of ooCalc where only "Set Cell Text" is implemented..
  • Writing a whole Table at once to be the next step


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