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  • Submitted: Oct 04 2012 01:04 PM
  • Last Updated: Nov 22 2014 03:11 PM
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  • LabVIEW Version: 2011
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This file has been reported as broken because: I have started using this JSON tookit, It works really good when input JSON data size is less.

Having issues when i give a JSON data size >60K to "from JSON vi".

On Windows Environment#
After it runs, LabVIEW becomes unresponsive for quite some.

On NI LabVIEW RT(PharLap)#
Actually i used to call the attached vi as one of the subvi from Main VI. Once the application terminate in RT, CPU utilization in RT(PXI) goes upto ~90% communication betwen RT and host becomes unresponsive quite some time and comes back to normal.

I feel there seems to be an issue in memory free after the big data is parsed, please let me know if what needs to be done on this...

I dont know how to attach my code in this report, I would like to share the input data to "from JSON.vi"

Thanks & Regards,

Download JSON LabVIEW

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JSON is a data interchange format (sometimes compared to XML, but simpler). There are multiple projects to create a JSON package for LabVIEW. This is yet another one motivated by this hijacked conversation originally about a different project to convert JSON into LabVIEW Variants.

This project uses a set of LVOOP classes to match the recursive structure of JSON, rather than variants. It allows conversation to and from JSON. All functionality is available through two polymorphic VIs: Set and Get. In addition to Get and Set VIs for common data types, one can also convert directly to or from complex clusters via variant-JSON tools.

Copyright 2012-2014 James David Powell, Shaun Rumbell, Ton Plomp and James McNally.


NOTE: latest version requires VIPM 2014 to install

What's New in Version (See full changelog)

  • *Fix bugs such as Empty subObject "{}", Improper handling of escapes.
  • *Extend full string handling to Object item names, including escaping.
  • *Now Only escape '/' if it follows '<' (as this is to allow embeding JSON in an HTML <script>...</script> tag)


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