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JSON is a data interchange format (sometimes compared to XML, but simpler). There are multiple projects to create a JSON package for LabVIEW. This is yet another one motivated by this hijacked conversation originally about a different project to convert JSON into LabVIEW Variants.

This project uses a set of LVOOP classes to match the recursive structure of JSON, rather than variants. It allows conversation to and from JSON. All functionality is available through two polymorphic VIs: Set and Get. In addition to Get and Set VIs for common data types, one can also convert directly to or from complex clusters via variant-JSON tools.

Copyright 2012-2016 James David Powell, Shaun Rumbell, Ton Plomp and James McNally.

[Note: if you are using LabVIEW 2017, please also see the JSONtext library as a an alternative.]

What's New in Version 0.2   See changelog


  • — Several improvements by ShaunR and Ton Plomp
  • — New JSON to LabVIEW Variant function (see “Test JSON to Variant 2”). Untested.
  • — New lower-level accessor polymorphic VI to covert to/from LabVIEW types (only a few types implemented yet; see “GetSet Test”)
  • — Reformated two of Shaun’s “Name array” higher-level accessors to derive from the new lower-level ones (this is to restart the convert ion logic to only one place, allowing later incorporation of JSON details, like null, or Inf, or escape characters)
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