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Find References XNode

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This zip contains an XNode which makes finding references to objects easier.  The core of the attached XNode is a modified version of the Find References by Label VI that can be found in the vi.lib.  This VI will return the first match of a control that has the label provided.  This modified version has the ability to find all references that match a label given a string which the label contains, starts with, ends with, or it can be an exact string.  So for instance it can find all objects that start with "Numeric".


This XNode still has the ability to return a single scalar reference like the original, which can be done by right clicking the XNode and un-selecting "Find All References".  By default it returns an array of references found.


If multiple references are chosen, the order of those references can be changed.  An enum is used to change the sort method from String Sort, Numeric Sort, Sort from Left to Right, Sort from Top to Bottom, or Sort from Top to Bottom then Left to Right.  This is most useful when you have controls on a front panel arranged in a grid.


Another improvement over the native function, is the output reference type is changed to a selected class.  Right click the XNode and go to Select VI Server Class to select an object type.  There is also a browse button which brings up a dialog where the list can be alphabetized, and a simple string can help find the type desired.


Other features of the native function are still provided like using caption labels on controls, and searching the front panel, block diagram, or other owning reference types.




Below is a video showing the basic operation of the XNode.  It demonstrates how to find control references, and how the sort, and search features work.  It then shows that the same technique can be used to find any object type on the block diagram too.




XNode Disclaimer


NI does not provide support XNode development.  It is an experimental technology and neither I, nor NI can be held accountable for unexpected operation.


For an introduction to XNodes read Adam Rofer's "XNodes - A Crash Course" presentation (http://lavag.org/files/file/56-xnodes-a-crash-course-powerpoint).




OpenG Error Library-

OpenG Array Library-

OpenG String Library-

OpenG LabVIEW Data Library-

What's New in Version   See changelog


  • - Made a change that if the label to search for is empty, it will return all results of the selected object type.
  • - Made the label string input a recommended terminal instead of required.

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