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[CR] Find References XNode

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looks great! does it work with FP decorations?

Oh you just had to ask didn't you.  Well I was going to reply without trying it cause I assumed it would work...turns out it doesn't.  It doesn't take much to make it work.  You have to modify the Search Filter 1D Array of String to return the item as always matching, if the search string is empty.  I'll look into adding this to the next version.


EDIT:  Another advantage of this is then the label input can be optional.

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I really liked this, so I couldn't resist a minor hack - I added a search method that lets you specify a regular expression (also made the method selector a type def to make it easier to add even more methods. The only downside wasn't that I can't inline the Search Filter 1D Array of strings because I've added an XNode in there in the form of the PCRE search vi - so it'll have killed performance a little.

Find References XNode

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Yeah I can't remember why I didn't make that method a type def.  Regular expression is a good improvement too.  Just in most of my situations I have controls named a specific way if I want their references.  Like maybe I'll have all controls starting with "Initialize:" for controls that should be shown during an initializing state.  Then I can find all controls that start with "Initialize:" and disable them all at once.

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