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    I remember having to figure this out when generating tokens for the LabVIEW Cloud Toolkit for Azure. I remember that there was some weird stuff I had to figure out, but I've long since forgotten how I did it. On the bright side, the toolkit is open source, you can browse through the source code here to see how I did it.
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    https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/ LabVIEW dropped below 50... Might it be that its rank follows its average user age?
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    And it is working! Thanks @Darren
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    Hello, If it's okay to use 3rd party free tools, you could look into ImageMagick. It has command line interface. L.
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    Did you have a look at VI Scripting? If not, check the following example - [LabVIEW]\examples\Application Control\VI Scripting\Creating Objects\Adding Objects.vi To be able to create controls or indicators you should open the BD and change VI server class for "Function" constant to Generic -> GObject -> GObject. Then you change "Subtract" constant to something like "Numeric Control" and run the VI. Hope, this will help you move further with your task.
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    I want to share a bug that exists in LV2019+ that results in data being overwritten in independent wire branches when changing maps with the Map Get / Replace Value node of the IPE. Here is the code: This should produce two maps <"key", 0> <"key", 1> But the actual output is <"key", 1> <"key", 1> As it turns out, Map Get / Replace Value breaks dataflow. There are two workarounds for this issue. Use the Always Copy function Wire the Action terminal of the write node This was reported to NI with the bug report number #7812505.
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    Following up from some of the information here. This is the bug I am seeing regularly in LV2020 When I close a project I never want to defer these changes, I am used to this option being "dont save changes". See the video, it shows clearly what is happening. As can be seen from the video if I re-open the same project from the Getting Started Window it opens instantaneously which is further proof that it is not actually closed. I really hope this is not a new feature, this is really dangerous behaviour as you think the project is closed so go to commit files or whatever. This has been reported to NI, no CAR as yet. Anyone else seeing behaviour like this? 2020-07-25 18-46-58.mkv
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    That's a mighty fine VM you got yourself there. Almost like having a VM of this Linux RT target is a super useful tool, that helps troubleshoot and debug features of the embedded UI that are at times "inconsistent" as you put it. For anyone else that finds this useful you should go vote on the idea, and/or contribute to the conversation.
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    It's a general tendency I have noticed on LabVIEW forums, although maybe less so on the NI forums. I also signed up at the German LabVIEW forum and while 5 or 6 years ago you had every day several new topics varying from the newbie question of how to do a simple file IO operation to the advanced topic of system architecture and interfacing to external code, nowadays it is maybe a tenth of that with most topics ranging in the more trivial category. The German forum had and has a somewhat broader target range since it was equally meant for beginners and advanced users while LAVA started by the nature of its name as a forum for somewhat more advanced topics, although I would like to think that we never really gave a newbie a bad feeling when posting here, as long as that person didn't violate just about every possible netiquet there is. The German forum may have one additional effect that may contribute to it getting less traffic and that is that English has also in Germany got the defacto standard in at least engineering. But without having any numbers to really compare I would say that the German forum and LAVA have seen similar decay in number of new posts and answers in general. And yes I have been wondering about that. Where did those people go? I feel that some went to the NI forums as they got more accessible over time but I do think that a more important aspect is that LabVIEW has gotten in many places just one of many tools to tackle software problems whereas in the past it was more often THE tool in the toolbox of many developers. That is probably a somewhat jaded view from personal experience but I certainly see it in other places too when I get there during my job. And Shaun definitely addresses another point when he mentions that LabVIEW innovation has slowly been getting to the point of stagnation in the last 5 to 10 years. That would hurt specialized forums like LAVA or a local forum like the German forum most likely a lot more than the NI forum, which catches most of the more trivial user questions of how to get something done or about perceived or real bugs. I'm not sure in how far the NI forum has been seeing a similar slow down. Personally I feel it might have been getting a little less active overal in comparison but what is more apparent is the fact that there too the general level of advanced topics has been slowing down, which would be in accordance about little to no innovations in LabVIEW. The interesting things have been discussed and brainstormed about and very little new things got added that would spur new discussions. What is posted nowadays is mostly about problems when using LabVIEW or some hardware or how to get a simple job down quickly! Is LabVIEW dead? I wouldn't feel so as I still see it used in many places but the excitement about using LabVIEW has been somewhat lost by many. It's a specialized tool to do certain things and in a way the only one in town doing it in this way, but by far not the only one you can use to do these things. In fact there have been many new and not so new possibilities about doing it (I see for instance regularly situations where people have decided to use Python for everything even the UI, which is not something I would easily consider) and the general target has been shifting too. If you want to do internet related stuff then LabVIEW is definitely not the most easy solution and also not the most powerful one. Engineering simply has been getting a lot broader in the last 10 years and while measurement and testing where you directly tinker with hardware and sensors still is quite important, there has been another big market developed that has very little to do with this and where the qualities of LabVIEW don't shine as bright or even show nasty oxidation spots. Maybe the fact that LabVIEW always was designed as a closed environment with very limited possiblities to be extended directly by 3rd parties has hurt it to the point of being forced into the niche market it always tried to protect for itself. It will be interesting to see how NI is going to attempt to fix that. The stagnation in LabVIEW development is something which supposedly happened because they focused the energy on a fundamental redesign of the LabVIEW platform, which has dragged on longer than hoped for and claimed more resources than was good for the existing LabVIEW platform.

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