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    I'll be there as well. Since this will officially kick off my vacations, I will not be presenting this year 🙂. I'm eager to sit back, relax, learn and chat with all you guys & gals.
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    I'll probably be able to attend a presentation or two each day. I'll also be there for the Tuesday night meetup at the Hideout.
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    Thanks for explanation, so I shouldn't worry about those. I am asking because I have some stability issues with code and trying to pinpoint it with DETT toolkit. What might not be normal is these startup handshake queues, they should be released after "Ack Startup" right?
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    @Brainiac did you solve this in the end? The code below shows how I do it, this works completely fine for me on Windows 7..10. The Generation Batch File is the complete path on disk, I don't use the Working Directory input.
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    I'll be there, presenting a regular session and a 7x7.
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    Hi Jim, Have you try to use the Region Functions from the Windows API? You can download an LLB that call this API on here. Below an example base on the size of a Tab control. Hope this helps. Benjamin
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    A JSONtext example, ssumming all dictonary items are the same type: Alternately, keep items in JSON format so they can be treated differently at a later step:
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    This idea, though it is a request for the reverse operation, illustrates how one can convert a cluster (in a variant) into an array-of-variants that contain the individual cluster elements. This did not exist when the OpenG Variant Tools were made, and OpenG is based on the (much slower) operation of manipulating flattened data.
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    I got the class name part working with the NI VI GetClassName.vi. I'm going tot try to get it working with FPGA DMA channels...... lol. Wish me luck 🤪

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